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The Purpose of Life is to Live it

Creating your own Bucket List of Experiences gives a focus and chance to achieve things you’ve always wanted to do.
Start a Bucket List for yourself or as a couple, family or group and even share with family & friends who can donate as a gift and celebrate your journey with you.

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Experiences Personal to You

This is your site with experiences grouped into bundles around interests special and personal to you - whether it’s ‘Working With Animals’, ‘Iconic Car Road Trips’ or ‘Code of Chivalry’.
Humdinger means extraordinary and we’ve chosen the best places for each experience - led by people passionate about what they do.
We want you to experience the extraordinary and all the things that interest you – we’re here to make it happen.

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Friends & Family Can Donate

We’d all love to give our friends or family something they’ve genuinely always wanted, but we often struggle knowing what this is! For the first time you can now see what they’ve always wanted to do and give a donation to making it happen and a message of support.
A Bucket List can be a lifetime journey with experiences being added and donations given for birthdays, Christmas or at any special time. Families can join together to make experiences you thought impossible, now possible.

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My Bucket List

At Humdinger Days we believe people are happiest when striving towards something.
Imagine all the experiences you’d love to do in one place – to look forward to and achieve. The feeling of success as you accomplish each personal goal, whether it’s creating something special for your home, learning a skill or climbing Kilimanjaro.
Creating your own online Bucket List is free. Experiences will highlight as you achieve them, you can post photos and even share with friends and family who can give towards future experiences.

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Why Humdinger Days?

Humdinger Days is for experience lovers just like you, who want to experience the extraordinary and all the things that interest you. Discover unforgettable experiences and explore an immersive world of experience achievement - your own Online Bucket List, experience selfies, a personal concierge, sharing with family & friends and more than you’ve ever experienced before.

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A New Way to Gift


Unique & Personal

Discover Bucket List ideas grouped around their interests - gifts for her or gifts for men, wedding gifts that the couple have always dreamt of doing. This is a complete change from existing experience days.

Gift & E-Vouchers

Choose to give a gift/e-voucher or even donate to an experience as a family or group of friends for a special Birthday, Christmas or a Wedding Gift List.

Suggest a Day

You can choose a Humdinger Day from the website or suggest your own experience day or location. Your personal concierge will follow it up with our ‘Suggest A Day’
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Our New Partnership With Enham Trust

Our new partnership with Enham Trust aims to touch every aspect of the lives of people living with physical and learning disabilities. We work hard to make our experience days accessible to everyone and are looking forward to working with Enham Trust.

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