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You can earn extra income simply by promoting Humdinger Days on your website! Joining is simple and free.
Partner with an exciting and trusted community, a brand that stands for high quality and delivering the extraordinary and the opportunity to earn additional income by including a link to Humdinger Days experiences on your website.
Humdinger Days is for experience lovers just like you who want to experience all the extraordinary things that interest you. We are looking for like-minded organisations who believe in helping people to achieve the things they’ve always wanted to do.
As a member you’ll receive 5% of the order value, every time your visitors buy from Humdinger Days.

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What Are The Benefits?

* An agreed 5% payment for every link through from your website resulting in a purchase.
* Automatic and visible payment process and order trail.
* Partnering a brand with strong values, similar to you.
* Continual innovation with new features and experiences.
* Support from a dedicated and experienced team.
* Option to choose a special experience to promote for a higher % return.
* Free and easy to join.

How Does It Work?



It’s easy and free to join. Simply contact us below for details.

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Generate income whenever your followers buy from us via your website.


In addition to the regular 5% payments, you can choose a special experience to promote for a higher % return.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will we receive?
You’ll receive an agreed 5% for each experience bought using the unique Affiliate link on your website. We can also work together to promote an individual experience day where you can receive a higher % per sale.
When do we receive payment?
We offer a flexible payment system to suit you. You can choose whether this is after every experience bought or on a monthly or quarterly basis.
What is the payment method?
Usually payments are via BACS

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