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Humdinger Games is the start of a new era of having fun.

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Humdinger Games

Let the games begin.

Humdinger Games is the start of a new era of having fun. Our games let you work together as teams or compete for bragging rights. Play in an active role involving all your senses. And offers the convenience of being able to access the games and play them anywhere you want.


The party game of hidden talents.

Sometimes doing things we never thought we’d do uncovers strengths we never thought we had. Introducing Duel a game involving quick thinking, imagination and skill although not the skills you’re probably thinking of.

How To Play

Bring on the challenges.

Two teams compete to win the most number of challenges. Each team choose one of their members in turn to ‘duel’ with a member of the opposite team with the winner each time scoring a point for their team. Here’s the catch, the teams pick their champion each time without knowing the nature of the challenge to come – only its name.
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The party game where only teamwork can prevail.

There is no ‘i’ in team, keep these words in mind as you assemble your team ready to compete in a game of memory, reactions, coordination and above all teamwork.

How To Play

Get ready to race.

Two teams compete to follow simple and fun commands correctly in the shortest time possible. Each team stand in a line one behind the other as if in a ‘pod’ ready to race. Teams must learn the commands and perform them in the correct sequence. There are multiple heats each offering different levels of difficulty as you progress.

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