Your wedding gift list.

Choose the experiences that excite you the most to share with your wedding guests.

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Your Wedding

For couples who have everything.

Humdinger Days believes we should do experiences to thrive and buy things to survive. Our Wedding Gift List let’s you share your planned experiences with wedding guests who can give towards them leaving a congratulatory message, making your Bucket List of experiences happen.
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Sit Back and Relax

Making your special day easy.

The Humdinger Wedding Gift List is about having amazing fun. Choose the experiences that excite you the most and add them to you personal Wedding List. Sharing your list of ‘super dates’ with wedding guests couldn’t be easier. Choose to send your guests a Humdinger Wedding Gift List invitation via email or for a more personal touch, copy your lists unique link and send it via your own email.

Your Guests

Make them part of your story.

Once invited friends and family can see your Wedding Gift List and all the extraordinary experiences you look forward to doing. Guests can add their own experience suggestions to your list. Donate towards future ‘super dates’ and leave a congratulatory message. As you experience more you can share your experience photos and achievements. And see ongoing support as friends and family can continue supporting your Bucket List for future birthdays, Christmas or at any special time.
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