Manage your stag & hen.

Discover, organise and kickstart your stag and hen experiences as a couple.

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The Whole Package

Your journey starts now.

You don’t have to wait for your wedding to start your Humdinger experiences. Treasure hunts, forging and fashion workshops are just a few of our Stag and Hen experiences that will make your Humdinger Wedding Gift List experience even better. Your Wedding List can be used to organise your Stag and Hen events and kickstart your experiences as a couple.
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Stag and Hen

Your experiences start here.

Humdinger Stag and Hen let’s you discover a diverse range of experiences all over the UK. Assigns you your own Humdinger Concierge who can organise your experience. And has a great platform to organise your Stag & Hen experiences, from gathering money for the experiences to sharing photos of your day.

One Big Adventure

All in one place.

With your Stag and Hen experiences captured in your Humdinger List it’s a great place to start your adventures. With one memory of your life together already celebrated why not add more. Turn your Humdinger List into a Wedding Gift List full of experiences you want to do as a couple. Friends and family can give towards these for your wedding and see what a great Stag and Hen you had at the same time.
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