What Have You Always Wanted To Do

- In Your Future Together?

Bucket List Your Dreams As A Couple And Enjoy Super Dates!

Starting a Bucket List together can be just a bit of fun but can also help us realise what we really want to do with our lives. Sometimes it even helps us to kick start making it happen!
Humdinger Days have introduced a new and unique, Bucket List inspired, wedding gift list. If you’re a couple that doesn’t really want ‘stuff’ and there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, or somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, your guests can give towards it and make it happen!
You create your personal online list and share with family and friends who can donate and leave a message. There’s no time limit to using the donations and later on you can share your achievements and any photos you’ve added.

Start Your Wedding Gift List

Extraordinary Experiences - Real Humdingers!

Humdinger means extraordinary and our Bucket List experiences are diverse and unforgettable. You can be a Farmer, travel on the Orient Express, forge your own wedding rings, cook and dine in a Michelin star restaurant, fly a Tiger Moth, climb the 3 peaks or see a performance under the stars. 
Suggest your own – you can even suggest things you’ve always wanted to do and we’ll follow these up for you in our Suggest a Day.
Your Wedding Bucket List can include experiences to enjoy both before and after the wedding - see below.

Before the Wedding


Present a Speech Day

A fun day for the Groom, Father of the Bride & Best Man, together or 1 to 1.

Forge your own Wedding Rings

The most important part of any wedding is when the couple make their vows, sealed by the exchange of rings.

Special Stag & Hen Events

Unusual & fun activities around the UK from Treasure Hunts in Classic Mini’s or powerboats to forging a sword.

Super Dates in Your Future Together


Learn to Rear Farm Animals Together

Enjoy a ‘hands on’ farm animal keeping day at an award winning small farm. A mix of learning and fun and chance to gain confidence to embark on a life with farm animals!

Explore the Skies in a Hot Air Balloon

A hot air balloon ride is a is a Super Date must. Watch dazzling golden fields, vast valleys and scenic villages as you drift up into the atmosphere in an elegant air balloon.

Enjoy an Artisan Tasting Tour

Walk through and meet local brewers and artisans. Taste a colourful array of local delicacies, exceptional British food and international treats combined with interesting tales.

Couples Testimonials

“We just wanted to say thank you for arranging our alternative goat experience. It was better than we could have hoped for. The level of care and attention you went to was above and beyond our expectations and we’re so glad we chose to use Humdinger Days. Thank you again.”
Sarah and Martin
“The first year of marriage can be the hardest and it’s important to have things to look forward to together, things to plan and talk about. We’ve always tried to go on one “super-date” every month but money may be a bit tight after the wedding and to have our guests help us to do this via our Bucket List is immense!”
Tascha and Dom
“This is such a unique and lovely idea! I’m sure that asking for things can’t buy happiness but investing in memories and experiences can… “
Liz and Chris

How Does it Work?

So how does Humdinger Days’ Bucket List work?
It’s a list completely personal to you both, you can add the things you’ve always wanted to do in your future together.
Can Guests Suggest Experiences?
Yes they can see the experiences you’ve chosen for your list, suggest an experience and give a message with their donation. Only you can choose the experiences you spend the donations on however.
Is there an Expiry Date to Use the Donations By?
No you can choose to use these whenever is best for you. You can also add future donations and experiences to your list so that it becomes an experience journey for your future together.
Can I Share My List With Friends & Family?
Yes you can choose to add members to your list so that they can view the experiences you’ve done and see photos you’ve taken of the day. They can donate for your wedding and also for future birthdays, Christmas or at any special time.
How Do I Invite Guests to Donate?
Once you’ve created your Bucket List of experiences, you can send a link to invite guests to view the things you’ve always wanted to do and donate and leave a message.

Start Your Wedding Gift List

Extraordinary Stag & Hen Events

Ultra unusual fun events around the UK. Ideas include:
* Treasure Hunts in Classic Mini’s
* Powerboats
* Forging a Sword
* Brewing Beer
* Climbing the 3 Peaks
* Private Balloon
* Bushcraft Survival Weekend
* Abseiling
* Surfing

Free Personal Concierge


Personal Concierge

You’ll have your own personal concierge to arrange everything for you

Combined Activities

Activities can be combined and tailored to your group for a day or weekend and accommodation and food can be added.

Your Suggestion

You can even suggest something you’ve always wanted to do and we’ll follow it up!