A Humdinger Bucket List

What's a Bucket List?


A Lifetime of Experiences

At Humdinger Days we believe people are happiest when striving towards something. Create your own Bucket List of experiences you’ve always wanted to do.

Your Personal List

Imagine all the experiences you’d love to do in one place – to look forward to and achieve. The sense of achievement when you accomplish each personal goal, whether it’s creating something special for your home, learning a skill or climbing Kilimanjaro.

Sharing Achievements

Experiences will highlight as you achieve them and you can post photos to share with friends and family, who can view your achievements, see what you want to do and even donate to making it happen.

How to Start a Bucket List

To start a free online Bucket List, just create a login with your email address and set a password. You can create a Bucket List for yourself or as a couple, family or group.
Your Experiences
Choose experiences you’ve always wanted to do - either from the website or ask us to find them for you. You’ll have a free personal concierge.
Purchase and book your experiences as you want to do them. They’ll show as achieved in your list and you can also add photos.

Start a Bucket List

Giving to a Bucket List

You can invite friends and family to view your Bucket List by simply emailing them a link. They can follow the link or go the Humdinger Days website and click on ‘My List’ at the top. They’ll be asked to login with their email and this will allow them to see the experiences you’ve done and what you’re aiming to do and even donate and leave a message for birthdays, Christmas, a wedding or any special occasion.
There’s no expiry date on donations and they can be put towards any experience in your Bucket List at any time.

Super Dates & Unique Wedding Gift List

Create a Bucket List with experiences that are special to both of you. Plan some Super Dates and share some amazing memories.
If you’re a couple that doesn’t really want ‘stuff’, Humdinger Days have introduced a new and unique, Bucket List inspired, wedding gift list. If there are things you want to do in your future together, your guests can give towards them and make it happen!
There’s no time limit to using the donations and later on you can share your achievements and any photos you’ve added.

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