Something For Everyone

Reward and Recognition

Reward and Recognition

Something special.

Humdinger Days believes we should buy things to survive and experiences to thrive. Experiences shape who we are as individuals and once we acquire them they never leave us. Rewarding people with experiences not only put’s a big smile on their face but can provide new transferrable skills and attributes. For a more personal reward you can give towards colleagues bucket lists, helping them accomplish the experiences they’ve always wanted to do.

No Limits

Experiences for everyone.

There is an experience for everyone. Choose experiences from a wide variety of collections with no limit on your future adventures. You’ll find adrenaline fuelled experiences, craft workshops and handpicked recommendations. Enjoy experiences at home with our Humdinger Games and Go-Do Cards. And tell us about an experience you’ve always wanted to do via our ‘Your Day’ feature and we’ll look to make this happen.

A New Way

Increase staff retention and engagement.

How do you create the conditions for individuals to love their job and link their personal motivations to organisational goals? The Humdinger Bucket List lets you save experiences and games, giving you activities to strive for. Shows your accomplishments. And has great capabilities to share your aims and successes with friends, family and colleagues as well as allow their support to further your experiences.

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