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We believe people are happiest (and businesses prosper) when striving towards goals and experiences that are important to them. ‘Humdinger’ means outstanding or extraordinary and the website sources top quality Bucket List corporate experience days for corporate team building, personal development and reward & recognition programmes.

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High Impact Events with Clear Info & Pricing

You can browse and book events online. The Humdinger Days website showcases a wide variety of interesting options with clear information and pricing.

Complimentary Event Management

We can tailor or combine activities and arrange catering, accommodation and development facilitation. Your team can suggest an activity they’ve always wanted to do and a personal concierge will follow this up for you.

Set up a Bucket List with Goals and Corporate Experiences that Matter to People

You can create an online Organisation or Team Bucket List of Experiences to encourage retention and motivation. This highlights team goals and chosen activities and recognises achievement.

Set up a Bucket List with Goals and Experiences that Matter to People

A New Way to Increase Staff Retention and Engagement.
How do you create the conditions for individuals to love their job and link their personal motivations to organisational goals? Giving an opportunity to achieve something that matters to them?
Bucket List of Experiences
You can create an online Bucket List of corporate experience days where your staff can work towards life experiences they’ve always wanted to achieve.
* It highlights team goals, their chosen activities and recognises achievement.
* Increases the impact of corporate team building events and incentive gifts by including experiences that really matter to people.
* A team or companywide Bucket List can be created for staff development or team building.
* Individual employee Bucket Lists can be set up for incentives & reward programmes or retirement gifts.
Our Experience
In our experience, those who get to achieve their dreams - thanks to their employer - are much more likely to stay in love with their job. Just contact us below for more details.

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Contact us if you’d like help finding or tailoring an experience or want to suggest an event your team has always wanted to do. We can also forward details on setting up a team or organisational Bucket List of Experiences and reward and retention programmes.
Email: liz@humdingerdays.co.uk
Phone: 0203 0062629