Corporate Experiences

A variety of team building activities all in one place, choose what’s best for you.

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Humdinger Corporate

Build teams with an array of experiences.

Humdinger Corporate lets you experience activities and games designed to build teams and make lasting memories. Assigns your own corporate concierge. And has great flexibility from arranging experiences around the UK, abroad, offering run it yourself team building games and running bespoke corporate training days.
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Team Building Experiences

Off site training.

Our team building experiences let you work together on problems in unfamiliar settings, providing a clean slate from which to build as a team. Browse our wide variety of team building activities from conquering mountains to competitive baking.
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Team Building Games

Strengthen your team where you are.

Humdinger Games is the start of a new era of team development. Our team building games are designed to unite people together in an active scenario involving all the senses. Offer different areas of focus and improvement from creativity to working under pressure. And offers the convenience of being able to access the team building activities and run them yourself anywhere you want.

Reward and Recognition

Something special.

Humdinger Days believes we should buy things to survive and experiences to thrive. Experiences shape who we are as individuals and once we acquire them they never leave us. Rewarding people with experiences not only put’s a big smile on their face but can provide new transferrable skills and attributes. For a more personal reward you can give towards colleagues bucket lists, helping them accomplish the experiences they’ve always wanted to do.
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Contact us if you’d like help finding or tailoring an experience or want to suggest an event your team has always wanted to do. We can also forward details on setting up a team or organisational Bucket List of Experiences and reward and retention programmes.
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