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Fun activities, little to no cost, in the comfort of your own home and local area.
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What are Go Do cards?

Humdinger Go Do cards are a new and exciting way to experience a wide variety of activities in the comfort of your own home and local area. You’ll find 30 fun things to do at either no or low cost, either for yourself or as a couple, family or group of friends. Pick a card on impulse or plan events to look forward to throughout the year.
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Why get some Go Do cards?

1. Wide variety of 30 low or no cost fun things to do you may never have thought of.
2. Pick a card to do on impulse on a free weekend or use to plan and look forward to.
3. Presented in a beautiful leather type wallet to keep great memories.
4. Ideal Valentines Day Gift, Anniversary or Wedding Gift, Birthday Present. Or just an everyday loving gift.
5. A new and exciting gift for men, women, couples and families.

Go Do Testimonials

Hear others experiences.

“Absolutely brilliant, have already completed a couple of go do cards. Great fun, and very exciting to do. Great for a gift for someone, and they can be for either a male or female of any age and can even be completed in groups….fab. Best of all they fit in your pocket. Will definitely be ordering more for birthdays that are coming up!!! Were delivered really quickly too.”

“Fantastic product, came the next day and it’ll be great for when my partner and I want to do something different.”
Mrs p.
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