Top 6 airplane things you don't know why they exist.

Flying experience facts

On your next flying experience look out for these 6 things.

Ever since Orville and Wilbur Wright flew aeroplanes have had wings, controls and some kind of motor. But planes have evolved over the last 100 years. Commercial airlines we all now fly have features that the Wright Brothers wouldn’t have dreamed of. In this blog I will go over 10 things you might not know about modern aircraft, from the mysterious to the curious.


The Flange sticking out of the wing.

While you waiting to leave the gate you’re probably starring outside the window at the wings that are going to carry you of this earth. On some aircraft like the A320 you might notice a metal stub sticking out from the middle of the wing. No that’s not for lifting the plane, it’s part of the evacuation system. Those wing flanges are for tying guy ropes round for when evacuations over the wing.


The mysterious triangle symbol over your seat.

When you board a modern jet aircraft you’re probably looking for you seat number and for the nearest emergency exit. If you look more closely you might notice a small triangle over your window. That’s not a secret society symbol. It’s a reference mark for the flight crew. There is a triangle at the front and back of each wing.


The hum when you board the plane.

Have you ever noticed that there is a drone when waiting for the last passenger to board the plane? The engines aren’t powered up yet but something is running. That’s the sound of the Auxiliary Power Unit or APU. The APU is what provides electricity to the plane temporarily between the time the plane unplugs from the terminal to when it’s ready to take off.


Tomato Juice.

Do you find yourself ordering a Tomato juice when flying? Ever wandered why you crave a salty vegetable drink that you wouldn’t give a second glance to on the ground? It’s the same reason you think airline food is bland. Everything onboard them plane is conspiring against enjoying the food. First the noice of the engine dulls your ability to enjoy sweat things, then there is the lack of humidity meaning you can’t smell as well, on top of that as the plane get’s higher the pressure drops which affects our sneak of taste too.


Opening window shades for landings and take offs.

I bet you thought the window shades were installed on planes so you could sleep on long flights. But then the flight attendant asks you to open the shade before take off. Yes the shades are there to give you control over your own environment and pleasure but safety takes priority. the most critical part of any flight is when it’s near the ground. If the power suddenly goes out the only form of light in the aircraft will come from the windows additionally if an exit tour needs to be opened the windows allow you to see if there are any hazards on the other side of the door.


The hole in your window.

Since cabin pressure is so important you think a hole in your window is a good thing but when you look closely you’ll see every window has a hole the size of a strand of spaghetti. That hole let’s the pressure between the cabin and outside of the plane equalise.