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Top 6 airplane things you don't know why they exist.

Top 6 airplane things you don't know why they exist.

In this blog I will go over 10 things you might not know about modern aircraft, from the mysterious to the curious.

How to Joust like a Medieval Knight

Jousting is a sport, and it’s a sport that must be trained for daily. Jousting is the sport of Kings and nobles and is all about conquering fear.

Experiences are forever.

Almost as soon as you buy something it’s novelty, it’s pleasure and it’s stimulation wears off. What lasts forever is experience.

Top 10 Free Experiences in London

London is pretty cool. Whether your visiting Big Ben, Tower Bridge or the Houses of Parliament there’s a ton of history to immerse yourself in. London is a great city but an expensive one but don’t worry there are still lot’s of free things to do and here is out top 10 of Londons best free experiences.

11 lifetime experiences you gain from travelling.

Whether you are travelling abroad or exploring your own country, travelling gives you skills and experiences that have life-long personal benefits, as well as giving an insight into the workings of different cultures and lives.

An experience is for life.

Experiences shape who we are as individuals and once we acquire them they never leave us so in that sense they have enormous value, the kind of value that can’t be calculated.

Spend money on experiences not things.

We buy things because we think they’ll make us feel a certain way. But look at the way we spend our money, because there is a science telling us we will live a happier life by spending it on experiences.

Our New Partnership With Enham Trust

Our new partnership with Enham Trust aims to touch every aspect of the lives of people living with physical and learning disabilities. We work hard to make our experience days accessible to everyone and are looking forward to working with Enham Trust.

Why are you buying an experience day gift?

We have all heard the biblical origins of Christmas, but societies have been celebrating light and birth in the darkest days of Winter centuries before Jesus walked the Earth.