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Are you going to experience a Christmas Carol this year?

Experience Days - Christmas Carol OriginIn 1843 Charles Dickens was horrified by reading a government report, it was in fact the 2nd parliamentary report on the employment of women and children. It showed the horrific conditions that these very young children were made to work underground or extremely long hours. Dickens said he would strike the heaviest blow in his power on behalf of these victims of the industrial revolution. In October 1843 he was giving a talk in Manchester, during this talk the idea came to him that the best thing he could do by weigh of getting public atte..

Why Are You Buying An Experience Day Gift? - The Origin Of Christmas

Experience Days - Christmas OriginWe have all heard the biblical origins of Christmas, but societies have been celebrating light and birth in the darkest days of Winter centuries before Jesus walked the Earth. In the Norse Country this Winter celebration was known as 'Yule'. Around December 21st fathers and sons dragged evergreens indoors as reminders of life and set logs on fire as a promise of good fortune. Ancient Rome had it's own December festive celebrations. One week before the Winter Solstice Romans began celebration with an orgy of food and drink in honour of Saturn the god ..

Book Tickets For Minack Theatre

Book Tickets For Minack Theatre At first glance you may think Minack Theatre has been in existence for centuries, a relic of some ancient civilisation. In fact it was carved from it's Cornish hillside in the 1930s and all for the staging of Shakespeare's 'The Tempest', it was the creation of a remarkable women. The incredible auditorium was made out of granite by theatre lover  Rowena Cade and it stands as a powerful monument to her imagination. Rowena and her gardener Billy Rawlings began building the theatre when she discovered  a local theatre group were l..

Motor Glider Experience Day

Motor Glider Experience Day The experience of souring is the challenge of staying aloft in an unpowered aircraft, your only sources of energy are rising air and gravity. Soaring is to flight what sailing is to boating. Pilots use the forces of nature to power their planes instead of engines. This is what all gliders are about however there is a key difference with motor gliders. The engine is not used to fly as is the case with a traditional light aircraft. It's purpose is to replace the need for a second aircraft to tow the glider to the correct altitude. Learning to fly in a glider..

Climb Mont Blanc Experience Day

Climb Mont Blanc Experience Day Western Europes highest mountain but also one of it's deadliest. Each year around fifty people die in the Mont Blanc area. Two hundred people will attempt to reach it's highest peak each day in the summer. There are different routes to the summit of Mount Blanc but none of them are easy. This is not a traditional hike like is the case with the three peaks challenge. It will require climbing and navigating over the top of ridges that have huge drop offs and falls. If you are wanting to really challenge yourself this is the experience day to do it. Over ..

Murder Mystery Train Experience Day

Murder Mystery Train Experience Day The Belmond British Pullman is in fact the sister train to the Venice Simplon Orient Express. George Mortimer Pullman built the carriages you will have the pleasure of enjoying in 1881 to be luxury palaces on wheels. The entire train is rich in history, full of luxury and the way in which people of that time wanted to travel. Each carriage of the train has a different history. One of the carriages was used in Winston Churchill's funeral procession.  On your murder mystery experience day you will get know may different actors and actresses..

Book Tickets For National Space Centre Experience Day

Book Tickets For National Space Centre Experience Day The National Space Centre is one of the United Kingdoms leading visitor attractions devoted to space, science and astronomy. Located in the city of Leicester this unique centre has many rarities not found anywhere else. The Space Centre Rocket Tower houses the largest artefacts but it's also a space age sensation in it's self. At 42 meters high the tower is a landmark on the Leicester skyline. The transparent skin of the mighty tower is made of Ethlylene Tetrafluoroethylene or ETFE. The centre has on display the only kno..

Cycle London To Paris Experience Day

Cycle London To Paris Experience DayCycle between two iconic capital cities & two famous landmarks: Greenwich Observatory in London & the Eiffel Tower in Paris. See the changing landscapes of Kent and France & spend free time in Paris. The bike's greatest innovations came as the result of the Tour De France and it is only fitting that you cycle to it's capital. This tour is tough but achievable for most people. The cycling days will cover 50-70 miles and take around 7-8 hours. There are a few significant hills on the route, particularly on the first day. We recommend that you follo..

Tour London In A Mini Experience Day

Tour London In A Mini Experience DayThis experience day will see you tour this great city which is iconic to Britain in a car that is just a iconic. London has so much history and the best way to see it and explore is by your own guide in a classic mini. Londons history is an amazing tale and one told by a knowledgeable guid in person. London is a world leading city and has the rare pleasure to be full of history. Over 2,000 years London has transformed into one of the worlds largest cities, a modern metropolis on a massive scale. London is the product of massive feats of engine..

London Job Experience Day

London Job Experience DayThe best treasure hunt London has to offer. Divided into teams of three with the gold stashed away in the boot of your classic Mini Coopers. It's up to you and your team to navigate your Get-Away Driver through the narrow streets of London before the Law get involved! This experience day is based on the famous film 'The Italian Job'. As it was in the film, you will have to escape London in Classic Mini Coopers with gold bars in your boot (unfortunately not real). Your London Experience DayThis group experience day is brilliant for families look..

Leatherwork Experience Day

Leatherwork Experience DayLeatherwork has been a craft that has been integral to many cultures for thousands of years. Use the best fixings and finest leathers to learn traditional leather making techniques. Includes design, marking and cutting out, hand stitching, edging and rivet setting. Humdinger Days encourages shared experiences and this experience is exclusively for groups of four to six people. As a group you can choose between a one or two day course in which you will create a card holder, belt, wallet, journal holder or mobile phone case and take them ho..

Climb Kilimanjaro Experience Day

Climb Kilimanjaro Experience DayIt is called the 'roof of Africa', rising nearly four miles into the sky, Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest point on the entire Africa continent. Located around 220 miles south of the Equator the majestic snow capped peaks of the mountain have long captured the worlds imagination. Thousands have travelled to Tanzania to climb the mountain and view it's famous glacier covered peak. One such visitor the American author Ernest Hemingway even wrote a story about it. In the snows of Kilimanjaro Hemingway described the mountains ice fields as "wide as all the..

Jousting Experience Day

Jousting Experience DayWhile you may associate Jousting with great chivalrous knights winning the affections of the medieval princess, it's true roots are a lot more dangerous. In fact Jousting was history's first extreme sport. This experience day will take you back in time to feel the the adrenaline knights felt when competing for glory. The History of JoustingJousting can be traced back to the middle ages as a form of military training at a time when a medieval armies greatest weapon was heavy cavalry. Back in those days there was no national army but the ..

Helicopter Experience Day

Helicopter Experience DayExperiencing a helicopter flight is a unique and thrilling sensation that everyone should experience. Learn to fly in this magnificent aircraft and enjoy breathtaking views during your flying lesson in the wonderful world of rotary flight. What makes flying a helicopter different to other forms of flight? If you compare an aeroplane to a helicopter the main difference is that an helicopter can move up, down, forwards, backwards etc and generates lift from fast propellor rotations. A plane is designed to do long haul journeys which requires it to remain at a stable..

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