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Be a Gardener for the Day at a Magnificent Historic House

From £79.00 | Animals & Plants

Be A Blacksmith And Create Metal Craft

From £89.00 | Culture & Crafts

Learn to Rear Farm Animals for the Day

From £115.00 | Animals & Plants

Suggested by Harriet Berry

Learn to Joust like the Chivalrous Knights of Old

From £165.00 | Animals & Plants

Suggested by Jody Ball

Present a Talk or Speech

From £195.00 | A Day in the Life

Suggested by Aidan Warner

Create Fused Glass Wall Art

From £250.00 | Culture & Crafts

Suggested by Danielle Lyons

Be A Chef For A Day

From £295.00 | Food & Drink

Be A Leatherworker For A Day

From £480.00 | Culture & Crafts

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